Thank you for considering volunteering with Family Promise of Spokane’s Smile for a Smile Family Photo Fundraiser. We hope to answer all your questions below, but feel free to email Kamryn at if you have any additional questions.  

About Us 
We care about the 3,000 homeless children in Spokane.  For 20 years, Family Promise of Spokane has been helping homeless families, one family at a time.  We depend on a caring community to partner with us to help families move towards home again.  With an emergency family crisis shelter and community-based transitional shelter, we have helped 150 homeless families and prevented an additional 118 children from becoming homeless through our rental assistance program.  
Why Volunteer
This event gives photographers a very unique opportunity to serve the homeless community in Spokane.  By volunteering, you are not only raising money for Family Promise, but you will also bless a former or current homeless family, as each photographer will be paired with a former or current guest of Family Promise.  This event isn’t just about money for Family Promise of Spokane.  It will be incredible to be able to provide our families with quality family pictures.
When and Where
Saturday, September 23 - 9-3pm and Sunday, September 24 - 11:00-5:00 pm at Finch Arboretum in Spokane, Washington.

Each family will choose one of two packages. Below is the minimum donation: 
Blue - $75 - A 20-minute sitting and a link to Dropbox to access to up to 5 edited photos
Gold - $150 - A 40-minute sitting, a link to Dropbox to access up to 10 edited photos, and credit to easily get four 5 x 7 or two 8 x 10 prints. 

How to volunteer
By signing up, you are committing to donate 2-4 hours on September 23 and/or 24 (depending on your availability) to take photos of families in the natural light of a beautiful fall afternoon.  We ask that each photographer uploads the allotted number of edited pictures per the package to our shared Dropbox location for families to access and print.

Here are your first steps:
  1. Sign up. Please sign up for our event on this MailChimp mail list at this bottom of this online page.  This will provide us with your basic contact information and allow us to send you information leading up to the event.
  2. Let us know your availability. When you sign up, we will send you a link to a site where you can let us know the times, days, and locations that work best for you!
  3. Ask Questions and offer advice. Please ask any questions that we have not answered so we can add them to our FAQ sheet. You know what you need to know. Help us by asking the questions you need to know so the event can run exceptionally smooth and be a success for you and the families you photograph.
  4. Share away! If you think this is an event worth sharing, please let any fellow photographers know about it!
Why we chose this event
We are hoping that current donors, volunteers, and friends will join us for this first annual Smile for a Smile event. Our goal is to provide an exceptionally efficient, affordable family-friendly event for families in Spokane.  Because of the generosity of professional photographers in Spokane, we will be able to offer amazing family photographs to families in Spokane, for a significant cause at a great price.  Additionally, this event will bless homeless families in Spokane because each photographer will photograph a family who is either currently in or formerly gone through the Family Promise program.  Lastly, this event provides the ability to find new friends to welcome to our Family Promise Family as we share this event with the Spokane public.  
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